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Modular tables

Modular effepack packing table is our innovative product, which should not be missing in your warehouse. Thanks to it, you will increase the productivity of your employees, speed up the packing process and save on packaging materials.

The packing table can be adapted exactly to your needs. The configuration of the packing table is similar to the configuration of a car at a car dealer. First you choose the basic version (in our case, the length of the table) and then the accessories that you need to make your work easier and faster. We provide you with an advanced configurator that will simplify the whole process. Of course, our consultants can also help you find the best solutions.

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Why are packing tables so important?

Parcel packing tables are an indispensable element in any warehouse making shipments to its customers. As specialists in the field of parcel packing processes, we offer you an extensive range of products so that you can adapt the packing station perfectly to your needs, the packing method, the type of products to be packed or the available storage space. A well-chosen packing table is a guarantee of increased speed, ease and quality of packing. It also has an impact on the consumption of materials and the aesthetics of the shipments themselves, a user experience that is becoming increasingly important in ecommerce.

Modular packing table – what does it mean?

What is so special about our modular packing table – let’s just start with the modularity. Depending on what you are packing, how you are packing and what infrastructure in the warehouse you are using, it will be necessary to adapt the station accordingly. The packer must have everything necessary for the process at hand, easily accessible and ready to use at any time. The fewer movements he or she has to make, the quicker and more efficiently he or she will be able to pack the parcel, which will also have an impact on the ergonomics and comfort of the work. As you can see, a good and professional parcel packing table is not just a typical piece of warehouse furniture. It is usually at this stage of logistics that the most time is lost, but with the right tools, the most can be gained. In our effepack range you will find dozens of ready-made solutions with which you can arm your ideal packing table. From all kinds of shelves for packaging accessories, printer shelves (Zebra, Dymo, A4), holders for monitor, keyboard, mouse, to dedicated solutions for stretching, the use of bubble wrap and paper or all kinds of holders for trays, foil packs. Each of the elements has been designed to introduce maximum ergonomics and ease of packaging. Using them, you will be able to design the perfect packing table to suit your individual needs. You can also choose from a range of table sizes to fit into the available storage space.

Aluminium for the top of packing tables?

However, modularity in effepack tables is not the last aspect of their uniqueness. We are the only company on the market to use aluminium as a material for tops or shelves. The material is ideal for this type of usage. Even with intensive use, cutting directly on the tabletop with a knife will never need replacing. Aluminium is a relatively soft material. The knife blade delicately digs into it, “pushing” it to the side. This produces shallow scratches which are not dangerous to either the packer or the items being packed. This solution is truly innovative! Why are we the only ones using aluminium for the tops of our packing tables? First of all, aluminium is a very expensive but also quite difficult material to process. For example, in order to make the edges of the table top safe, it is necessary for a specialised person to work manually – this cannot be done by machine.


No matter what you call it: packing table, packing station, picking table or storage table, it is an indispensable product if you care about speed, ease and quality of packing and if you care about your employees, their ergonomics and comfort of work. As an effepack manufacturer, we are at your disposal and will be happy to assist you in selecting the best solutions for you and your company – please do not hesitate to contact us.